Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An arrival

Jennifer arrived last night. She kept taunting me about her trip to Russia.


We talked for a little bit about potential reasons for why a Puppet would be back here, when something unexpected crashed through the window. That unexpected thing turned out to be Soren, who came at us with a rather large knife.

Me, being the brave guy, promptly booked it for the nearest weapon. Jennifer, being the psychotic one, went at him with a knife she had hidden in her sleeve. While they were in their little tussle, I got hold of my shotty and proceeded to blow a rather large hole in Soren's shoulder. He, in turn, turned and ran.

I swear I saw machinery beneath his skin, though. It reminds me of when the gears came out of bloody nowhere and murdered the Prophet. Perhaps there is a connection?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Found it

I tracked the puppet down last night (early this morning?). It wasn't really trying to hide, so there's that. I cordially asked it to accompany me on an evening stroll, and it graciously agreed. We made a leisurely circuit while discussing such things as the weather, local politics and how I wouldn't rip its tongue out through its bellybutton if it told me why it was here.

The Puppet seemed rather amused at that, and let me know that it was here for multiple reasons, but one in particular: They have Soren.

I scoffed at that. I know Soren is dead, and barring reanimation, that's where he'll stay. It's possible that HE is playing a particularly cruel trick on me, or that the Wooden Girl has begun reanimation of corpses again.

Either way, someone is going to pay, and it started with the Puppet.

Edit: And RIP Thomas Blake. It's a shame to see a fellow Runner who found the true path to fall.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bad news...

Well, things just never go my way. I've received word that I may have to work with an Apostle again. Knowing my luck, it'll be Jennifer. Last I heard, she was in Russia, going up against some Oathbreaker who's been experimenting with raising the dead via virus. Understandably, this made HIM slightly irritated, so Jenny was given control of several of the dead and sent to take him down.

I asked her to get me video, which, honestly, would be worth having to work with her again. Zombie vs zombie? Yes please.

On a separate note, I saw a Puppet today. I haven't seen one since March, and if I never saw one again, it'd be too soon. Alas, the universe hates me.

I'll track it down tomorrow and see what it's doing here.