Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well, that was probably the bloody creepiest thing to happen lately. I had returned home from the failed negotiations (wow, I'm on a roll), and had just settled for whatever crap happened to be in the fridge, when I noticed that I wasn't alone.

A boy, about 8, in a little sailor suit and hat was standing in my room. At first, I was like: HOW ADORABLE.

Then I was like: Wait, how'd he get in here?

Then I thought: Wait, half his face is frozen.

SHIT. IT'S THE COLD BOY (as if I couldn't be any more obvious). And all that took about two seconds.

Then he started to sing a nursery rhyme (maybe? It's not one I've ever heard, but it's disturbing enough to be one). His voice was... rather spellbinding. It went like this:

The piper weaves a frantic tune,
His notes are played in vain.
A child weeps in the corner
The scribe has gone insane.

He sings of merry whisperings
Alas, no one is listening,
Oblivious to what transpires,
He brings his tune oh-so higher.

He tells a tale of shattered minds
What quirky thoughts the mad man finds,
Of twisted dreams and hazy vision,
Of a foolish knight on a dooming mission.

He alone knows who they are,
He alone carries them far.

For he is them, and they are he.

Then he giggled at me and left. Now, if that hadn't sent my weirdness sensor through the roof, the fact that I know where that poem is from (it was written by a guy named Kristopher over on a forum I used to visit), makes it even creepier. I have come to two conclusions:

A. Kris is being stalked by the Cold Boy.
B. The Cold Boy steals people's poems.

I certainly hope it's not the first one. Kris was a cool guy, and I'd hate for him to have to be a Runner =/

And the second one, while not creepy... is a bit odd.

Anyways, I think I'm going to try and sleep, now that I've been kept awake most of the night.

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