Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy, busy, busy. There's been a flurry of fights, though luckily I haven't been involved in many. I don't trust my luck to hold too much longer, especially with the assassination attempt by Maple.

Jennifer's been out of town, but is still hanging around. Apparently she was out by Portland before (which is where she first caught wind of me) and thought it was rather boring out there. Plus, she hates the Timberwolves, so she came out here to join me.

Joyous day. I get a psycho for a partner.

Well, any partner is better than no partner. Gotta have someone to watch your back. Either way, it's still getting dangerous around here. I'm going to lie low for a little bit. Apparently I'm getting a shipment of Novichok. Yay.

Though this begs the question, who is it supposed to be used against...?

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