Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why do they resist death so much? I thought they liked death, and said it was inevitable. Why would they resist it so much while they worship HIM, who is the master of death. Wouldn't they want to die, to be with him?

Granted, you could say the same for me, but this is less worship and more, "I don't want to die quite yet, so I'll suck it up and join him." I'd rather not be forced to work against my will for eternity, or at least for a few more decades, if possible.

Not that it is possible. Somebody (probably Soren or Proxie) will end me first. Can I blame them?


  1. You Can Blame Them Absolutely. They Merely Fail To See.

    Given The Choice.
    I Followed The Voice.

    Now I Am Happy And Free.

  2. Fortunately for you there is far to much for me to do locally for me to run around the country (let alone other countries) and take out all of Their servants I threaten.

  3. See that? All it takes is to give in, and this game of theirs is suddenly a lot more fun....