Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not much

Nothing weird has happened, which in itself is quite odd. We've heard reports of what appears to be the most violent gangwar in SLC's recent history on the news.

I suppose you could call it that, since I guess HE actually has some gangs working for HIM. Not sure about the Girl, though.

Also, anyone have tips for smashing througha roadblock?


  1. Play blaring loud metal music in your car, drive fast, and just try to not die.

  2. If you can try to make sure you're driving some old Detroit steel, not one of the puny fiberglass POS's on the market these days. You'll want the weight and durability.

  3. Jeep Cherokee from 1994 would work, I'd imagine.

    Also, I'm torn between Dragonforce or Skrillex. Yes, this is a trivial problem. And yes, it's huge to me. SOUNDTRACK IS EVERYTHING.