Thursday, December 8, 2011


He was wrong. HE can appear, even if you’re watching. HE just chooses not to. Sometimes.

We were getting ready to make a break for it, when HE appeared in the middle of the room. WWI gas mask, it looked like, a black hoodie, jeans…

… and a shotgun. A black one, 20 gauge, I think.

Which he proceeded to unload into Soren. He jumped out of the way partly, but was hit in the shoulder. I jumped at HIM and slashed him across the chest with my balisong. It didn’t work. He just clubbed me with the butt of the shotgun, then walked out. Luckily, it alerted the neighbors, who arrived to find us both gone. I think I screamed something about a robbery. They took us to the hospital.

Which makes me scared. This is what I saw on the way in:

We can’t afford to keep going like this. There’s only so much one can take before they have to give up. Before they have to quit. Before all is lost, and the comp blue screens.

I think we’re close to that time…

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