Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Escaped the Hospital.

Sorry for not updating, but things have been hectic.

The next day after posting that, I caught something weird on the security cameras (I have them on my iphone. Shush). This person, a woman who looked to be in her twenties, entered the hallway on the fifth floor (where we were). She moved oddly disjointedly, like she didn’t have complete control over her limbs.

And she was heading right for us.

As she entered the room, I had a pistol out and pointed at her, but she just regarded it like it was immaterial, and proceeded to Soren’s bedside.

Then she spoke.

It was weird. She looked like she was lipsyncing, but the voice was clearly proceeding from her mouth. I transcribed the following:

“Greetings, little Contenders. The Mistress has noticed you to be a thorn in the Angel’s side. We’ve decided to let you live, for now. You are a wonderful distraction.”

How one can be a thorn in HIS side, I have no idea.

“And we’ve decided to help you on your way, so you can continue to distract.”

After that, she held out a hand. A string arced from her hand into Soren, and his cells seemed to multiply on command, sealing the wound completely.

She then said, “You have five minutes to leave the building before HE arrives. Have a nice night.”

She then turned and strode out.

I mean, what the hell? That was some of the weirdest dialogue I’ve ever heard. What with the artificial voice and unsynchronized mouth…

Anyways, we left. Soren was alright and had fresh energy.  As we left, we heard gunfire and shouting at a building just south of the hospital. Luckily, we got away before then. Now, we’re in Portland. Hopefully HIS presence is slightly less out here.

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  1. Shit shit shit shit shit!

    I hope Soren doesn't read your blog. Kill him. Do it now. Once Her strings are in someone they are forever Hers. She could take control any time She pleases and he would kill you in your sleep if that is what She desired.

    Hell, afterwords dismember him. I'm not certain that She couldn't just puppet his corpse as easily, or more so, as a living person.