Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, everyone!

In the meantime, I'm going to avoid another celestial being if I can.

Also, a recap, since apparently one or two of my other posts haven't gone through. We were sitting fine and dandy in Salt Lake, right? It was pretty cold, so we were attempting to stay warm while tracking down one of these Puppets, to see why they were duking it out with HIM. Yes, it was a stupid idea. No, we didn't have any better ones.

Anyways, we were along there, when some guy appeared a little ways away. He was in a long coat and wore one of those old fashioned preacher's hats. For some reason, though, nobody saw him, which is somewhat scary. We were a little apprehensive. It wasn't like he was any different than the other people around, but it set off alarm bells. We turned to leave just as he pulled a revolver on us and started shooting.

Again, though, nobody heard it, which was more than a little frightening. We booked it, and he didn't hit us at all (using old revolvers FTW?). Nevertheless, we decided to play it safe and get back to the car. As we were getting in, he reappeared, holding this huge knife, and jumped forward. We accelerated and knocked him away from us. He harassed us twice more that night, yet he never bothered us in the house. Threshold, maybe?

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