Thursday, December 15, 2011

Action Everywhere

It's like a turf war, I swear. We were barely in Portland for a day when we were attacked by a biker gang.

A freaking biker gang. I guess these are the Timberwolves that I've heard about?

We were in a shoot out with them for a few minutes, but had to run as the police arrived, and let them take care of it.

We then moved to my uncle's house, which is the reason we came here. When we arrived, we found his house trashed and vandalized. We didn't stick around.

And proxie, I'm not sure if I can do that. He doesn't read this, but at the same time he's hauled my ass out of the fire several times so far. You're saying this person can control people and dead bodies too?


  1. I've heard of Her control of the dead, but never seen conclusive proof. It could be that the reports of Her puppeting corpses are based on incidents like the one with Soren, they may have been "healed" just prior to death and may even believe themselves to be dead. But better safe than sorry.

    Her ability to control the living everyone is certain of. Since she was older than the Wooden Girl is known to appear and you didn't mention that she appeared to be made of wood what you saw in the hospital must have been one of her Puppets. The jerky movements are due to how she was being operated, in some cases you can even SEE the strings trailing from a Puppets limbs. Once had one dodge a slash of my knife, it looked like they were lifted and *pulled* to one side like a puppeteer would a marionette.

    I can understand, somewhat, you reluctance to kill him. Not everyone agrees with my perception of this as a war. But keep an eye on him. If he starts moving like that woman in the hospital room, or God forbid you actually see the strings, the Wooden Girl is in control. Take appropriate action.

  2. If he moves on me, I'll do what I have to. But not until then.

    He's been too stalwart a companion to warrant immediate termination. I thank you for the information, however.