Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Interesting Few Days

It’s been an interesting last few days.

HE has vanished completely. I haven’t seen him since that night where he got my arm. However, slenderproxies have taken his place, which is arguably worse. While I got one of them good, I’ve been on the run since. I’m just not awesome enough to take on many people at the same time, or even one at a time. Which is why I tend to ambush them. Fair fights are too easy to lose.

But anyways, I mentioned that I was in the park, correct? Funny story about that. I was looking around the web, doing some research on this stuff, when I found somebody who lived around here that was in the same boat as me. He goes by the name of Soren, and he agreed to meet me in the park that night and explain what the hell this all was.

Well, we were in a dark section of trees, keeping our voices low, just in case. HE has a habit of turning up where HE’s least wanted, but luckily he didn’t appear.

Unluckily, a Slenderjunkie did. Short guy, shaved, somewhat buff. He was just striding up the pathway, though he was kinda obvious, seeing as how he had a big fucking Operator Symbol tattooed on his arm. Seriously, what the hell are those? I thought they were supposed to keep the Stranger away or something like that, but all these guys I’ve seen have them drawn everywhere.

(and now a switch to crappily written first person novel form, because I want to let out my inner writer. The following is a somewhat dramatized version [possibly] of what happened, although that was a few days ago. Recalled to the best of my ability)


“So,” I asked, rubbing my chin as I digested what he had just said. “HE is the afterlife?”

“Yeah,” Soren replied, glancing about uneasily. About 6’1”, with silver hair, he seemed to be about a year older than me, though from what he’s said, he’s been running for longer. He also seemed to be anxious in open spaces like this. He hasn’t said why, yet.  “Or, at least, that’s what Steward claimed. He’s a crazy bastard, though. I’m not sure if I’d believe everything he said.”

This Steward, he worked for the Stranger, then? Perhaps he was spreading propaganda against HIM, to get more people to join the Stranger’s side,” I mused. “He seemed to be a, what did you call them… Agent?”

Soren nodded. “That’s what it seemed like,” he confirmed. “Though it’s possible that he only thought he was sane, that gets into mindscrew territory, so we’ll avoid that, for now.”

I was about to ask something else, though what it was, I don’t remember, when I saw somebody walking along the pathway. Instinctively, I drew against the tree next to me, attempting to blend in with its profile. 

It was a short man, shorter than me (I’m about 5’8”), with a bald head and wearing a sleeveless shirt. He was just walking, a little faster than most people walk. He was doing nothing suspicious, but even so...

Something’s off about him… I thought, inspecting him through the glare of the lamps set along the pathway.

Soren caught my attention with a gesture. “He’s marked,” he breathed. “A proxy. Slender." His eyes started darting about, searching for an escape route.

I gritted my teeth. Of course, a Slenderproxy. Who else would show up here, in this curiously empty park? Nobody friendly, of course.

“Just stay quiet and let him go by,” Soren whispered, and then heeded his own advice. I followed as well, quieting my breathing and staying as still as possible. It seemed to have worked, as the man passed us by without looking, and continued along the pathway.

I stayed still a few moments longer, hardly daring to hope that he had passed us by, when, of course, he stopped, glancing back. He turned all the way and started towards us, a frown written on his features.

“Just stay calm, he might not have seen us,” Soren whispered, his voice masked by the rustling of the leaves, which were being gently blown along by a gust of wind.

Maybe he hasn’t seen us… I thought warily. Though for some reason, I think he'll find us, because screw the universe being fair, right? The man, true to form, inspected our stand of trees for a moment.And then his eyes fixed on something. With horror, I realized that it was Soren’s hair. The man’s eyes narrowed and his hand darted for his jacket pocket. Soren’s eyes widened in horror, but luckily for him, I was faster. I lifted the shotgun I had borrowed, aimed, and fired.

No headshots for me, those are just a stupid myth spread by video games. The shot took the man in the chest and blew him backwards, laying him out on the sidewalk in a spray of red fluid.

“Oh shit I just shot him oh holy fuck.” I was babbling, of course. I JUST FUCKING SHOT A DUDE.

Soren, luckily, had a clearer head. “Damnation,” he cursed. “That won’t go unnoticed.” He flicked the safety on the shotgun to the on position, then grabbed me by the arm and started running. I followed as best I could, though I was still somewhat in shock because HOLY SHIT THAT GUY WAS DEAD.

We moved to section of fence and climbed over, leaving us in a darkened yard. The house was empty, luckily for us.

“It’s a quick run from here to my car,” Soren said. “If we can get to it, we can get out of here before the police arrive.”

“But what if more of them show up?” I asked shakily, having finally driven down my shock to a mere buzz.

“Shoot them,” Soren replied, already jogging north. I quickly followed, which meant I had to hop two fences, and once climb a tree to avoid a couple people below us.

Eventually, though, we made it to his car and left as quick as we could.


And right now we’re in an apartment at BYU, though apparently the Stranger knows about where we are, or something of the sort. We’re getting ready to move, now. I’ll update later events in another post.

Stay safe, everyone.

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