Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We made it down into the canyon today. Took long enough.

Anyways, we couldn’t go too far inside, so we met at the visitors’ center. It was kind of a big building, with a lot of kids running around everywhere. School trip, I guess? I asked Soren who we were waiting for, but he just said to keep a look out.


We waited for about 15 minutes, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted what appeared to be a fellow in a plague doctor getup. I don’t know who that is (knowing my luck, the fear of disease. I need to do more research), but he looked somewhat suspect. I’m keeping an eye on him.

I was then distracted by our contact, a native American guy wearing a flannel shirt and work boots, with feathers in his hair and a beaded necklace.

Not really, though that would’ve been hilarious.

No, it was a shortish lady with glasses and a longish woolen grey coat. It wasn’t really cold enough to warrant it, but it wasn’t exactly warm either (it gets surprisingly cold down here).

And she was Russian. Did I mention that?

She told us that she had been hounded by HIM for awhile as well, but she’d managed to escape from HIM after a lengthy trip from Moscow to Portland and eventually ending up here. One thing she mentioned were organizations that worship HIM, dubbed “cults” (how original). Apparently these groups are somewhat secretive, usually small, and don’t have too much firepower at one time, but they make up for that with pure zealotry.

Anyways, the whole time that she was talking, she was glancing around nervously, and she went white (well, more so than usual) when she noticed the plague guy. After that, she finished up and left, quickly.

We noticed her reaction and left as well. Things are getting dangerous.

Stay  safe, everyone.

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