Monday, October 3, 2011


I thought I wouldn't have to post anything for the next few days, because I'm a boring person.

Then, during my last period today (happened to be chemistry), the teacher's smartboard was hacked. I grabbed some pictures, as I was texting someone at the time (shush).

Anyone know what the hell this "archangel" thing is?


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  2. Yeah, pretty much. Like Gabriel, or Michael. I've just never seen that double triangle thing before. I thought that, if it was Christianity, it would have a cross, right?

    I mean, that thing looks almost like the alchemical symbol for arsenic, if anything.

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  4. Sorry kids. I wish Archie was as cuddly as the angels that rained down fire and brimstone and killed the first born in the bible. Maybe someone's just playing a sick joke, or maybe you're not the ones who attracted his attention. But forewarned is . . . well in this case not much less boned than you already are but at least you're forewarned.

  5. No way. That's just some lame prank. There's no way that thing exists.